17th (2023) Cecilia International Music Competition

〈Music to Perform〉

Free Music
Strings and Piano within 10 min
Chamber Music within 15 min
Recital approx 30 min / Final – approx 15 min
(total approx. 45 min)

C (culture) / S (star) department

*Please select one department from either C (culture) or S (star). It will be possible to participate in both departments from this year.
*Those who have a high school, university, or graduate school degree in music must participate in the S(star) departmentand will not be eligible for the C (culture) department.
*Those participating in the recital department do not need to select C/S.


*Depending on the number of applicants who pass the final round, 
the number of days for judging and the holding venue may be changed.
Please see our website for the latest information.

■ 3/24 (Fri) Chamber Music/ Recital/Piano(university)
@Urayasu Music Hall
■ 3/28 (Tue) Piano (high school/Adult)
@Tiara Koto Small Hall
■ 3/29 (Wed) Strings (kids, high school, university)
@Tiara Koto Small Hall
■ 3/30(Thu)Strings (elementary school, junior high school, Adult)
A.Tiara Koto Small Hall / B.Morishita Culture Center Hall
■ 3/31 (Fri) Piano (kids, elementary school, junior high school)
A.Tiara Koto Small Hall / B. Furuishiba Culture Center Hall

* Please note that some dates have changed.

* If you are unable to travel during the corona period, you are allowed to participate online, so please contact us.

Participation application period

December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 15, 2023 (Sunday)
⇒ Extended until January 27 (Friday) Must arrive at the secretariat in the morning

*Those who are exempt from preliminary rounds should also apply during this period.
* Reception will be completed when the documents have been confirmed and the transfer has been confirmed.
*If you do not receive a reception completion email within a week after applying, please contact the secretariat.

Remarks for final round

1;We will inform the applicants who passed the preliminary round about the documents necessary for the final round and the participation fee. If you are unable to participate in the final round, please be sure to let us know.
2;We cannot accept the designation of the final selection date and time. The day before the competition and on the day of the competition, please allow plenty of time to participate. The examination fee cannot be returned for any reason.
3; All participants except Section C and Chamber Music should perform without score in the final round.
4; Even if you select a piece that is longer than the specified amount, it will not affect the judging if you stop playing when the bell rings.
5;The performance time is the time after going up to the stage.
The bell will ring at the end of the performance time, so please stop playing immediately.
6;The opening and performance times may change slightly.
Participants should arrive at the venue with plenty of time to spare.
7;We don’t have enough pianos for two. Therefore, entries will be accepted with four hands per unit (chamber music section).
8;There is no specific dress code. (Most people wear dresses or suits, but you can wear them properly.)
There is a waiting room for changing clothes (separate for men and women), but there is no space for rehearsals and practice, so please make your own arrangements.
9;Winners of the Cecilia International Music Competition and recommenders for the Osaka International Music Competition are only eligible for the Osaka International Music Competition that year.
10;About a partnership with the Osaka International Music Competition/the finalist who could not participate due to Corona,please check out here for details.


1st – 5th Prizes, Incentive Award and Special Awards

◎Jury Chairman’s Award

Among the 1st prize winners, those who have been recommended can perform with the orchestra in Pisa, Italy.

◎Tateshina Music Festival Award

◎Osaka International Music Award

Invitation to master class lessons during the competition

◎Italian Music Festival Seminar Free Invitation

(Travel expenses, hotels and food expenses are not included. Those who do not make a recommendation can preferentially appear in summer music festival classes and concerts.)

◎Prize of Chairman of Cecilia IMC Judge Committee

Cecilia IMC places an award concert co-managed by the Osaka International Music Competition in Carnegie Weil hall every other year.

The picture is a brochure of previous the 1st award concert.


Cecilia International Music Competition
Office Address: Amati Music, Room 405, Corp Nomura 1,
3-4-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Japan
Email: ceciliaimc2015@yahoo.co.jp
Phone: (+81) 70 1570 9888

→How to apply


Emergency Cases

1. In case of disable of all transportations to the competition venue due to emergency such as natural disaster, we might have to cancel the competition.
2. Otherwise, competition schedule may not change and paid fee shall not be refunded for any reasons.
3. In case of competition’s cancellation, paid fee shall be hold and deferred to your next application for the completion.
4. You would be able to apply for the alternative competition day. Please email us to apply.
5. We do not cover or support your transportation or accommodation. To make sure to attend the competition, please arrive Tokyo area few days before the competition.