Application for the preliminary.

How to apply

Step 1:Pay for preliminary round application fee.
(Please pay for final round application fee for the participants who are qualified to attend the final round without preliminary.

Step 2: Submit recording for preliminary judgement via either 2 ways as follows:
〈1〉 Upload video to YouTube.
Upload your performance movie to YouTube which link is available in the Application Form.
〈2〉 Send CD or DVD media to Cecilia IMC office.
Indicate your name and the section to apply on the disk.

Step 3: Complete Online Application Form

– Participants who attend the final round without preliminary also should complete Online Application Form during the period.
– Applicants shall receive application confirmation email within a week however please contact us if you do not receive any email.

Participation Fee.


<<Notice to final stage attendees of The OSAKA International Music Competition>>

Final stage attendees of The OSAKA International Music Competition have rights to attend the final round without the preliminary round step in two years.

Please indicate your name and the prize you got from The OSAKA International Music Competition also check the mark of preliminary exemption, and apply for the final round.
We are looking forward to having your application.

Remarks on discount:

Early bird – participants who apply and pay the fee on or before December 30, 2020.

YouTube submission – participants who submit the preliminary movie via YouTube.

*Please pay for the final round application fee after you pass the preliminary round. However, participants who attend the final round without preliminary shall pay for the final round application fee at the same time of Online Application Form submission.

Bank Account Information

!!The bank transfer fee is borne by participants
Please note that the bank remittance charge is owed by applicants.
We recommend remittance fees because Japan Net Bank is cheaper.

(Bank name)

branch code 003
acco,no, 4872427

・Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Cooporation(0009)
Roppongi Branch(619)
swift code:SMBC JPJT
add.6-1-21 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo. Japan,Futsu 7591464

Seshiria kokusai Ongaku konku-ru
Yoshikawa Asako


– Please ensure that any bank charges are settled separately, so that the participation fee shown as above is remitted to us in full. *Participation fee is non-refundable.

– Please pay attention that the final round participation fee differs from the preliminary participation fee.

– Your entry will be confirmed once we receive the Application Form and the fee.

Please find further details at

Other Remarks

1) Bank charge will be burden by the applicant. The paid fee can not be returned to you whatever the reason is.
2) The application fee is different from preliminary and the final.Be careful.
3) Our clerical procedure for the application will be completed when your payment and web application are confirmed by us.
4) When you apply, please be precise for the minutes of your performance, both for preliminary and the final.
5) You will be disqualified if you play different music at the final from applied one.
6) We will inform you by mail, when all the procedure completed.
7) If you want to receive our mail, please be sure to check your mobile, so that you can receive ours;[].
Every year, we found many cases you can not receive our mail by not domain alteration at your side.
8) Presented material can not be returned. We can not be responsible for the item lost during mailing. Please fill in your mobile no., contact no, precisely for emergency.
9) Please understand any claim will not be accepted.