18th (2024) Examination Application Form

Application acceptance period



*Please select one category from either C (culture) or S (star). It is not possible to select both.
*Those who have a high school, university, or graduate school degree in music must participate in the S(star) category and will not be eligible for the C (culture) category.
*Those participating in the recital section do not need to select a category.
*For Strings/Recital only
First name  Last name
Last name  First name
*Date of birth (Year) (M) (D)
※Telephone number always accessible
*E-mail address
※ please be sure to check your mobile,so that you can receive ours;[ @yahoo.co.jp].
*Teacher studied with(Name)
School year(Student only) grade
*Desired language for comments from judges
*Music history such as studied history,
performance history, Awards(Up to 150 characters)


★Fill out only the direction of chamber music entry
Name of representative
Name of other member(2)
Name of other member(3)
Name of other member(4)
Name of other member(5)


★For Qualifying Examination
*Remitted date M D

⇒About participation fee
*Transfer name
*Transfer amount YEN
Discount applied
*Proof of transfer ×

*Please attach proof of transfer (transfer date, amount, transfer destination).
*Any format is acceptable (e.g. transfer receipt/record of deposit passbook/transfer completion screen on website)
preliminary exempted
preliminary exempted


★For Qualifying Examination
Type of recording media
Write down your name on the media disk to be submitted.MP3, WMA, wav medias are not acceptable. Create and submit with music CD (CD-DA) code.
Youtube address
Shipping Date M D
Length of performance (Minutes)
*In Japanese
*In Japanese


★For Examination
※Submit your music to perform for the Final Round now. Please note that we do not accept any change of your submitted music after you application for both Preliminary and Final Rounds.
*Length of performance (Minutes)

*In Japanese

*In Japanese
<For Strings>
Accompaniment name
<For Strings>
Accompanist necessary in Finals
<For Piano Kids section>Foot step necessary in Finals

▼ Please select only those who need a foot step▼

Terms of service (We confirmed the following contents)

(1) Please acknowledge that your name and program will be printed on the program when you proceed to the final round.(2) Regarding video shooting, it is allowed for you to take film your related person's performance at the certain area where the office prepared however it is prohibited to film other participants due to privacy protection law in Japan.


*From this year, it will be necessary to attach proof of payment when applying online, so please be prepared.
Proof is “usage statement / transfer receipt / bankbook record / website transfer completion screen
/ Transfer completion email, etc.” The format does not matter, but you need something that shows the transfer date, amount, and transfer destination.

*When making a transfer, please be sure to enter the name of the participating department and name in the name of the transfer (example: Piano Marie Tanaka)
*If you are exempt from the preliminary round, please transfer the final round fee.
*Please transfer the final round fee after passing the preliminary round.

* If you do not receive the reception completion email within one week after applying, please contact us.
E-mail:ceciliaimc2015@yahoo.co.jp Phone:080-5054-9888