17th (2023) Examination Application Form

Application acceptance period
2022/12/1 (Thursday) to 2023/1/27 (Friday)

*From this year, it will be necessary to attach proof of payment when applying online, so please be prepared.
Proof is “usage statement / transfer receipt / bankbook record / website transfer completion screen
/ Transfer completion email, etc.” The format does not matter, but you need something that shows the transfer date, amount, and transfer destination.

*When making a transfer, please be sure to enter the name of the participating department and name in the name of the transfer (example: Piano Marie Tanaka)
*If you are exempt from the preliminary round, please transfer the final round fee.
*Please transfer the final round fee after passing the preliminary round.

* If you do not receive the reception completion email within one week after applying, please contact us.
E-mail:ceciliaimc2015@yahoo.co.jp Phone:080-5054-9888