The 11th (2017)

The 11th (2017)

CECILIA International Music Competition
The Final Contest: Mar. 23rd(Thu.),24th (Fri.),29th.(Wed.) and 30th (Thu.)/2017
23rd (Thu.) Chamber Music Dpt. (Chamber Music/ Chamber music recital Dpt.)
24th (Fri.) Piano Dpt. (Solo/Recital/Amateur)
At Toyosu Bunka Center Civic Hall (Koto-ku, Tokyo)
29th (Wed.) and 30th(Thu):Stringed Dpt.(Solo, Recital and Amateur)
At Tiara Ko-to, small hall (Koto-ku, Tokyo)
The Preliminary Contest: Recorded media is to be
at the office during Dec.1,Thu.2016-Feb.10,Fri.2017.

Qualification: Any nationalities, places to live.
Departments; and participation fee
(Piano, Stringed Dpt.)
Kids: born before Mar 31/2013 elementary1/2(born before mar/2009, 2010)     :Pre \9,000 : final \13,000

Elementary 3, 4 (born before Mar.2007,2008)-High school   :   Pre \9,000 :   final\15,000

University and over (pro, Amateur)            : Pre \9,000 :   final\20,000

Regardless of age (with piano or stringed)     :Pre \13,000 : final\22,000

Recital Dpt. Age 11 and over      Pre  : \13,000   :  final\30,000

We offer you following discount fot the application fee:
A: We are of servive to your early apply with 2,000 Yen deduction,by the end of Jan.
BB:      to youtube/ web apply with 500yen reduction  each.

We Can not repay after your payment.
whatever the situation is.

(grades; As of Feb.28th, 2017)

The duration f the Recital Section: Total playing time of Preliminary plus Final should be about 45 min. Free choice of music.
The duration of the String & Piano Section: about 10 min.
The duration of the Chamber music :about 15 min.

(Remarks; As for the several discounts, please refer to our home page,
Application period for The Preliminary; 12/1, 2016-2/10, 2017
You can apply from our web page, or turn over this page and after filling in, mail to the office together with your own performance in CD, DVD, etc.
Application by You-tube is also available.
The section of the music: Free for both the Preliminary / Final…
The performance for the preliminary CD etc. is to be shorter than 10 min.
and it must have been recorded within the past year.
Detailed matters: please contact at the office and home page;
Cecilia international music competition office
c/o Amaty Music,Roppongi 3-4-2, Corp Nomura Roppongi 1, Room 405
Minatoku, Tokyo (106-0032) Tel.070-1570-9888   03-3560-6880